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The University of Arkansas Staff Senate is sponsoring the RazorGifts Staff Holiday Gifting Program again this year! Employee-to-employee gifting is the basis of our rewarding and appreciated program. We can all play a role in making the holidays a great time for individuals in need within our community.

The Facts

Northwest Arkansas statistics show that 25% of NWA children live in poverty, 50% of our homeless population are children, and 27% of our children are in danger of going hungry tonight. These statistics are alarming. Currently the Full Circle Food Pantry provides food and personal products to all members of the University of Arkansas community. Our gifting program is designed to assist staff through the holidays by obtaining employee donated gifts and essentials for dependent children. Our program is driven by employee to employee gifting and the University of Arkansas is not a sponsor or participant.

To print the application for submission via fax or in person, click here.

To print a Spanish version of the application, click here.




To make gift donations, please shop the requested items on the virtual registry on checkedtwice.com.

Gift pickup, delivery, and shipping can be arranged with Kaitlyn Riggin (riggin@uark.edu).

Those who wish to make cash donations please contact ssgifts@uark.edu for additional information. Checks should be made out to RazorGifts. Gift cards are also available to be purchased on the Checked Twice site, which, along with donations, will be used to purchase remaining items not selected from the virtual site.



Contact the RazorGifts Chair, Kaitlyn Riggin (riggin@uark.edu).   

Those who wish to directly support the program please contact ssgifts@uark.edu or chantelm@uark.edu for additional information.

Gifts made under the Staff Holiday Gift Program are made by members of the University community to dependent children of University employees and are not gifts to the University.  We will make every effort to gift each applicant accepted into the program however, we cannot guarantee that every applicant will receive a gift.