Outstanding Staff Team Award

The Staff Team Award deadline will be announced this fall.

This Staff Team Award Nomination Form is for review only. The form will be updated; please check back.

Purpose: This award recognizes outstanding staff members who work together as a team on the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus. The purpose of the award is to applaud outstanding staff accomplishments as well to encourage and promote excellence in the workplace.

Criteria: The team award will recognize performance for the previous calendar year. The outstanding team effort being recognized may be the result of a specific project or it may be the performance of the normal duties of an organizational unit. There must be justification that the team performed at an unusually high level consistently during the previous calendar year. Documentation may include both quantitative and qualitative justification.

Eligibility: Eligible teams will be comprised of University of Arkansas, Fayetteville staff employees who are 100% appointed. Team members are defined as having worked together to promote the mission of the University of Arkansas. They may be employed in the same organizational unit or members of a committee or special task force.

Selection Process: The Staff Senate Scholarship and Awards Committee will select the recipient of the Outstanding Staff Team Award. In the event any member of this committee has been nominated, that member shall not participate in the selection process. The committee will meet in February to determine the recipient. Members of the Outstanding Team Award will be recognized at the spring Staff Celebration and also at the Annual Employee Appreciation Awards Banquet in October.

Nominations: Any staff or faculty member may nominate any team for this award. Self-nominations are accepted. To nominate a team, complete the information requested on the attached Nomination Form and submit it to:

Staff Senate Awards Committee

Each member of the Outstanding Staff Team will receive a cash award.